Loads the symbols from the specified shared library, slibfile, into the CodeWatch internal symbol table.


If slibfile is compiled using the -deb option, the command ENV displays the shared library source and other normal symbolic debugging.

If slibfile is specified with a simple filename, such as, CodeWatch first searches the current directory for this shared library. Failing that, it uses the search path indicated by the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable on Solaris 2 (which is the same variable that is used by the dynamic loader). If using the -L option at link time to specify library locations, slibfile must specify the full pathname for the shared library.

When executed, SHLIB attempts to load all the debug symbols for a .so (UNIX/Linux) or .dll (Windows). If SHLIB is not fully qualified, for example SHLIB, then any paths specified by the CODEWATCH_STBPATH environment variable are used to search for the .stb. If SHLIB is fully qualified, for example SHLIB /home1/hub/staff/opli/steplib1/, then the directory containing the shared object is searched first. If unsuccessful, any paths specified by CODEWATCH_STBPATH are used.

CODEWATCH_SRCPATH must be set to include the directories where the source resides. It does not look in directories referenced by the SHLIB command.

The shared library file specified is evaluated as case-insensitive, with the file extension stripped. For example, if specifying MYFILE.dll, myfile is used to compare load events received during program execution.