Invoking CodeWatch

Once the program has been compiled in debug mode and linked, you can use CodeWatch to debug your program. To invoke CodeWatch, use one of the following command formats:

GUI CodeWatch:

java –jar cw_java.jar <pgm_name> -sessionlog <filename> -commands <commands>
Note: The Enterprise Developer environment must be available when invoking CodeWatch.


<pgm_name> The name of program executable to debug.
-sessionlog The fully qualified file name to write the log of debugger commands issued and command output received during the debugging session.
-commands The list of debugger commands to execute upon CodeWatch start-up. Separate each command with a comma.
Tip: You can also use the MF_CODEWATCH_INIT environment to specify the fully qualified location of a file containing debugger commands to be executed upon start-up.

Command-line CodeWatch:

cwcmd [-classic]
      [-srcpath [source_directory [:source_directory] ...]]
      [-stbpath [STB_directory [:STB_directory] ...]]
      [-path [directory [:directory] ...]]
      [-usrin filename]
      [-usrout filename]


-e (echo) Specifies that every debugger command entered echoes back to the terminal.
-srcpath, -stbpath, and -path Specify directory paths to be searched for source and STB files. See Searching for Source and STB Files for more information.
usrin and -usrout Specify files to redirect user program input from or output to, respectively. See Redirecting User Program I/O for more information.
8bit Allows CodeWatch to treat an extended set of ASCII characters as printable. See Extended ASCII Character Support for more information.
program-name The name of the executable file to be debugged. If the debugger is invoked without a program-name argument, the a.out file in the current directory is used if it exists; otherwise, CodeWatch starts without loading a file for debugging.
program-arguments Command-line arguments to be passed to the program.

CodeWatch does not require a program to load for debugging when starting. However, on UNIX systems, CodeWatch first looks for a.out as the default program name. When CodeWatch comes up standalone, a LOAD or ATTACH command must be used to specify the program to be debugged.