Getting Started

The CodeWatch graphical interface is a simple and intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It is easy to learn, while allowing more advanced users to debug programs efficiently.

The graphical interface is closely connected to the command-line interface. It uses source and output windows to display text and customizable buttons, which allow you to quickly execute and/or edit commands.

All of the commands that the command-line interface supports are also supported in much the same way via the graphical interface Edit-line.

From the Menu Bar, clicking on Commands, Help, or Buttons presents the same popup command menu. This menu is divided into items that comprise functionality groups, and then subitems that correspond to all of the supported commands for that group. Hence, it is easy to see the functionality and commands that CodeWatch supports for, say, Program Control, and either get help for a command, execute or edit a command, or add a new button corresponding to a command.