FS105-W The disk free space for the log file is below acceptable limits.

The amount of disk space remaining is calculated as a percentage of the total size of the disk where the log file is being written. The default is for this warning to be displayed when less than 5 percent of the total disk space remains free. This percentage can be changed using the /p option when entering the log filename into the database reference file using the Database Reference File Maintenance Utility.


If disk space is not cleared, the drive where the recovery log file is located will become so full as to make rollforward recovery logging impossible.


Clear disk space on the drive where the recovery log file is being written so that the Fileshare Server can continue logging the updates being performed.

Alternatively, if the amount of free disk space is becoming very low, the Fileshare Server should be shut down and the recovery log file backed up and deleted before starting the Fileshare Server again.