XML Extensions statements reference

XML Extensions statements allow you to process, manipulate, and validate XML documents. The statements are contained in the 32-bit dynamic link library on Windows (cobxmlext.dll) or the shared object on UNIX (cobxmlext.so) that is callable from Enterprise Developer object programs.

On Windows, XML Extensions statements use the Microsoft MSXML 6.0 parser; on UNIX, XML Extensions statements use the XML parser (libxml) and the XSLT transformation processor (libxslt) from the C libraries for the GNOME project. For additional information, see Installing XML Extensions and Deployment.

XML Extensions statements are grouped into the following categories:

Note: Each statement contains zero or more positional parameters. These parameters are used to specify such items as the source or destination data item, source or destination XML document, flags, and any model files produced by the XMLGEN compiler directive. In some statements, trailing positional parameters are optional and may be omitted, as specified in the statement descriptions in this chapter.