Demonstrations of Mainframe Subsystem Support

We provide a number of demonstration programs designed to help you to better understand some of the concepts involved when developing Mainframe Subsystem Applications.

The following demonstrations are supplied:

Assembler - ACCT Demo
AACT is a sample CICS 3270 transaction that comprises several Assembler programs and a single BMS map, and uses the resource definitions in the file dfhdrdat. A tutorial, Tutorial: Assembler in the Getting Started section of your product Help shows you how to implement and test the AACT transaction.
Assembler - QSAM Demo
Shows you how to work with QSAM files.
Assembler - VSAM Demo
Shows you how to work with VSAM files.
CICS Classic - ACCT Demo
Shows you how to run and debug an Eclipse project for CICS on an Enterprise Server instance.
CICS Classic - ACCTCLNT Demo
Shows how you can run and debug a Mainframe Subsystem project for CICS as an HTTP client on an Enterprise Server instance. The demonstration is also used by a tutorial in your product help, which contains further detail about the setup of an enterprise server and a COBOL project.
CICS Classic - ACCTWEB Demo
Shows how to build and run the Web-enabled version of the sample transaction ACCT.
CICS Classic - CLUSTER Demo
Shows how to JCL jobs with shared datasets (catalog and spool shared by multiple servers) in an enterprise server maintaining the dataset integrity.
CICS Classic - CTGDEMO Demo
Shows how to run and debug CTG client and server programs.
Data Tools Demo
Shows how to work with data files in the Data File Tools utility.
HCO for DB2 LUW - Getting Started
Shows how to use the Host Compatibility Option.
HCOSS Eclipse - Function Emulation
Shows how to add some maths functions that emulate standard maths functions in DB2 to the SQL server.
HCOSS Eclipse - Labeled Durations
Shows how HCOSS manages DB2 date formats and labeled duration calculations.
HCOSS Eclipse - TwoPackageSet
Shows how to use HCOSS to switch package sets and alternate fetching data using a single cursor name. Also shows how to bind the application using the HCOSS Manage Packages and Plans tool.
IMS - Installation Verification Program
Shows how to configure an enterprise server to run IMS applications, and then build and run an IMS application. It also demonstrates the Installation Verification Procedure (IVP) to confirm that the IMS support is correctly installed.
JCL - Classic JCL Demo
Shows how to create a JCL application and then run it on an enterprise server.
JCL - Examples
Includes a number of additional files that demonstrate JCL functionality. For more details, see the comments in the code.