MBDT Configuration Utility

Note: This is a technology preview feature only. It is being made available to allow you to test and provide feedback on this new capability; however, this feature is not intended for production use and it is not supported as such. Furthermore, Micro Focus does not guarantee that this feature will be delivered at a GA level and if it is, then the functionality provided might differ considerably from this technology preview.

The Mainframe Batch Database Tools (MBDT) configuration utility enables you to configure options for the following tools:

SQLTP2xx - Database Selection
Enables you to specify how to handle CREATE SCHEMA object statements during migration.
For SQL Server databases in which CREATE SCHEMA object statements are z/OS DB2 statements. This option is required when you are using HCOSS to migrate the database and your code contains z/OS DB2 CREATE SCHEMA statements.
Default. For SQL Server, DB2 LUW, and Oracle databases in which CREATE SCHEMA object statements are specific to the DBMS vendor specifications. This option does not support mainframe DB2 DDL.
SQLUTBxx - Commit
To specify the issuing of single or multiple commit statements during a LOAD operation. The default is a single commit issued after all records have been loaded.

We recommend that you use the single commit to provide optimal performance. However, if DBMS logging or other such issues are a concern, you might prefer the multiple commit. For the multiple commit, you also specify a batch size (number of rows). During the LOAD operation, a commit is issued each time the batch size has been reached.

You can run the MBDT Configuration Utility from within the Enterprise Developer IDE, from the Start menu, or from the command line.