Setting Up the Tutorial Environment

Installing a Java Server

You install a Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) server or servlet container so that the Micro Focus JVM COBOL runtime, under which your COBOL program runs, may be mapped to the server. Subsequently, your COBOL program is accessible in that environment.

Enterprise Developer includes the Web Tools Platform (WTP), which is a component of Eclipse that is designed for the creation of web applications. In particular, it has support for the JEE stack. Micro Focus COBOL JVM projects can interact with the WTP to expose COBOL functionality in JEE web services.

Upon completion of the Java server installation, you will have the ability to create a dynamic web project.

Before You Begin

Determine which Java server or servlet container to install. You need install only one, and you need to choose which server best suits your requirements. The Micro Focus JVM COBOL runtime supports many of these, including:

  • Apache Tomcat version 6 or 7
  • JBoss version 7
  • IBM WebSphere version 8.5
  • Oracle WebLogic version 3.8 (Juno)

If you are new to Java, Micro Focus recommends that you choose Apache Tomcat, as it is a lightweight, open-source servlet container.

Support for other servers is also included, but is not detailed here. If you wish to install an alternate server, you will need to refer to the external supplier's documentation. In addition, you may need to configure your projects differently.

Whichever server you choose, ensure that you use Java 7, and that your projects target Java 7.