Command Line Demonstrations of COBOL for JVM

Restriction: This topic applies to UNIX environments only.

These demonstration programs are installed in $COBDIR/demo/jvm_cobol by default.

The following demonstrations are supplied:

Arrays (JVM)
Demonstrates the managed COBOL syntax for arrays.
Collections (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use the LIST and DICTIONARY collection types in managed COBOL.
Core (JVM)
This is an introduction in programming in managed COBOL for JVM.
Enums (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use enumeration in COBOL for JVM.
Extension Methods (JVM)
Demonstrates how to extend methods in COBOL for JVM.
Iterators (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use iterators in COBOL for JVM.
Indexers (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use indexers in COBOL for JVM.
Demonstrates how to use SQL with JDBC.
Local Variables (JVM)
Demonstrates how to declare local variables in COBOL for JVM.
Operator Overloading (JVM)
Demonstrates operator overloading in COBOL for JVM.
Properties (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use properties in COBOL for JVM.
SwingBook (JVM)
Demonstrates how to use Java style inner-classes (SHARING PARENT) in managed COBOL and shows the use of Swing with managed COBOL. Swing is part of the Java Foundation Classes which provides an API for a graphical user interface (GUI) for JVM programs. The application shows a Swing front-end to the COBOL legacy book program which accesses an indexed data file with book stock information.
JVM COBOL to Native COBOL Interop
Demonstrates how COBOL for JVM can interoperate with native COBOL.