Opening a Data Set in Enterprise Server

Before you start, you must set the CCITCP2 environment variable to the IP address of the Enterprise Server with which you are going to connect, and Fileshare (if applicable) must be running within the region.
  1. In the Data File Tools (Technology Preview) window, select File > Open via ES. The Open File via Enterprise Server dialog box appears.
  2. In the ES Region section, type the IP address in the Host field, and the port number in the ESMAC Port field.
    Note: If the Enterprise Server is on your local machine, type localhost in the Host field.
  3. Click Connect.

    You connect to the Enterprise Server region specified, and the available data sets appear.

  4. Highlight the required data set.
  5. If you are opening a data set on a remote Enterprise Server, in the Fileshare Server section, check Use Fileshare, then type the name of the fileshare server.
  6. Click OK.

    The Open Data File dialog box appears.

  7. Complete the Open Data File dialog box as you would for any other data file, then use the Data File editor, again, as you would for any other data file.
    Note: Structure files must be stored locally; therefore, if you open a remote data set, you must select any required structure file for it each time the data set is opened.