Insert a Record

Restriction: Currently, you can only insert records into indexed files and fixed-block sequential files.
  1. In the Data File Tools (Technology Preview) window, ensure you have a data file open.
  2. Right-click the required record, then select Insert Record Before or Insert Record After, as appropriate.
    Note: If the file currently has no records, select Insert Record.

    The green bar indicates where the record will be inserted.

  3. If you are using more than one record layout, click and select the required layout to use to complete the record details.
    Note: This does not necessarily have to be the record layout that the record will use once part of the data file.

    The editor switches to Insert mode, as indicated in the status bar.

  4. If the data file is unformatted (that is, not using a record layout), type the new record text in the free-text editing field in the bottom pane, then press Enter.
  5. If the data file is formatted, type the new record text in the layout fields, pressing Enter to move to the next field.
  6. Click (Save) to save the record. The new record is inserted.