Updates and Product Support

When you have installed, you need to apply the latest updates if there are any. These are located on the Micro Focus Web site.

Before you can access the Product Updates page, you need to register (first-time users only) and log in with Product Support. To register:

  1. Click Register on the Product Support page.
  2. Enter your details. You will need your product serial numbers, which you can find in the subject line and body of your Electronic Product Delivery Notice email that you received from Micro Focus.

To log in:

  1. Enter your User Name and Password on the Product Support page.

    We recommend you check Auto Login so you don't have to do this every time.

  2. Click Login.

The Product Updates page is now displayed, where you can find the latest update for your product and version number.

You will then be notified on a weekly basis, when you run this COBOL development system, if an update is available. The notification will include a link to the Product Support page from where you can access the update, as described above.

Product Support is a web-based support and information service from Micro Focus. It provides all the latest information and software updates for this COBOL development system:

You can access Product Support on the Micro Focus SupportLine Web site by clicking Help > Welcome > Web Resources in the IDE.