Specifying the Conversion Operation

The operation to be performed is chosen as a parameter to the Batch-Process option.

The operation to be performed on the defined files. Value must be Convert-file.
An Input-File and Output-File is defined.
Strt-file location\filename.str
The file containing the Record Layout descriptions for the input file.

If the data file is being converted between EBCDIC and ANSI and the records contain non-text data items, a record layout description is required to define the data items requiring conversion and those to be left unconverted (for example, binary values). The record layouts are created with the Record Layout Editor and stored in files with an .str file extension. For more information on how to create a record layout file, see the topic To create a record layout file.

The edit mode if this profile is read by the Data File Editor. Value must be either Quick or Full.

This parameter is not used by DFCONV.