About the Web service description

The COBOL program contains four separate functions, read, add, delete and next. These functions are exposed by a single entry point in a program. The functions are broken out into separate discrete operations.

The parameters to these operations are based upon the parameters required by the COBOL program for the specified operation. You can express some parameters differently, for example, the file status code can be changed to a more readable error message.

The following tables show the operations of the Web service and the parameters used by each operation:

Operation Input data type Output data type
nextBook string BookReturn
addBook BookDetail BookReturn
deleteBook string BookReturn
readBook string BookReturn
BookDetail type
Parameter Data type
Title string
Type string
Author string
StockNo string
ISBN long
Retail string
Onhand int
Sold int
BookReturn type
Parameter Data type
Book BookDetail
Status string
StatusNo int

With these operations, only StockNo is being used for readBook , even though the Book application is capable of looking up records based on other fields. You can create other operations that enable you to retrieve records using different fields.