Deploying the Application

  1. In the Navigator pane, right-click TemperatureConverterPrj, then choose Run As > Run on server.

    The Run On Server dialog box appears.

  2. Select the JBoss AS 7.1 server.
  3. Click Finish.

    The application server is started and the application is deployed. Details of these steps are relayed to the Console pane.

    If publishing on the server fails, check to ensure the server is using the JBoss 7.1 runtime:

    1. In the Server view, double-click the JBoss AS 7.1 server.

      This opens the server's details page.

    2. Look in the General Information section on the server page and ensure that the Runtime Environment field is set to JBoss 7.1 Runtime.
    3. Save your changes then repeat the steps from Step 1.
    Note: Depending on your default browser, you may receive an HTTP 404 error; this is because the application does not contain a user interface, and so has no screen to display on startup. You can ignore this error and proceed with running the application.