Copying the Tutorial Files

The source files required to run the tutorial are available from the Micro Focus Community web site.

Note: To copy the files, you do not need to be a registered user of the Community web site, but to post comments or questions about the tutorial, on the forum, you will need to register and join the Visual COBOL group.
  1. Create a folder on your machine in which you will copy the tutorial files.
  2. Visit the Micro Focus Community web site.
  3. Point to Micro Focus, then choose Visual COBOL.

    Visual COBOL group

    The Visual COBOL group appears.

  4. Click the Files tab.

    The Visual COBOL - Media Gallery appears.

  5. Click JVM COBOL EJB Demo.
  6. Under the Options group on the right side, click Download file.
  7. When prompted, extract the contents of the .zip file to the folder that you created earlier.

    The folder now includes the folders for the following projects:

    • TemperatureConverter - The JVM COBOL project containing the business logic of the application.
    • TemperatureConverterEJB - The EJB implementation that uses the RunUnit specification to wrap around the JVM COBOL code.
    • TemperatureConverterPrj - The dynamic web project that packages the other two projects in a .war file, and is deployed to the application server.