The Dynamic Web Project - TemperatureConverterPrj

The Dynamic Web project that packages up the other two projects into a Web application archive (.war file), which is then deployed to the application server.
  1. In the Navigator pane, navigate to TemperatureConverterPrj.
  2. If you are not deploying the JVM COBOL run-time system as part of the application (that is, the application uses the shared run-time system in the application server), in the Navigator pane, navigate to TemperatureConverterPrj > WebContent > META-INF and double-click MANIFEST.MF.

    The project manifest file appears:

    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    Dependencies: com.microfocus.cobol.runtime

    If the Dependencies entry is not set as shown above, you must add it.

    Note: Ensure the order of the properties is as shown here.
  3. Ensure that the MANIFEST.MF file, and the two other projects are deployed as part of this project, and to the correct paths:
    1. Right-click TemperatureConverterPrj, then choose Properties.
    2. Choose Deployment Assembly.

      The MANIFEST.MF file is in the WebContent directory, and so is set to be included in the assembly when it is deployed.

    3. Click Cancel to close the Properties page.